Simone Filpa is an anthropologist and photographer born...
Simone Filpa is an anthropologist and photographer born in 1991 in Milan, Italy.
His visual research explores the everyday life of human experience, the nature/culture relationship, cultural heritage and generational relations.
He works on a fine line between documentary, landscape, portraiture and creative/poetic language trying to produce questions on the topics he explores with photography.

Simone is currently based in Milan.

- (2021) Traces of gifts and things at Ca'Mon in collaboration with IUAV - Master in Photography and L'Zuf Museum (Group Exhibition curated by Alessandra Spranzi)
- (2021) Uncertain Summer at Diecixdieci Photography Festival (Terre Piane Group Exhibition)
- (2017) Thank u for Cycling at Fucine Vulcano

Workshop & Artist Residence 
- (2021) Workshop / Residence at Ca'Mon (Monno, BS) curated by Alessandra Spranzi in collaboration with L'Zuf Museum and IUAV - Master in Photography
- (2020) Workshop "Terre Piane" with Ikonemi and Festival DiecixDieci
- (2019) Workshop in "Visual Anthropology" with Chiara Scardozzi and Marina Berardi in collaboration with SIAA

- (2017) Fellowship Programme with Parallelozero Photo Agency

Online Courses: 
- (2022) Documentary Sur/Realism with Gregory Halpern in collaboration with Magnum Photos
- (2021) The Documentary Commitment with Matt Black in collaboration with Magnum Photos
- (2021) Curiosity in Practice with Jonas Bendiksen in collaboration with Magnum Photos
- (2021) Chance Encounters with Bieke Depoorter in collaboration with Magnum Photos 

- (2021) Storytelling with Diego Orlando (Burn Magazine)
- (2020) Mentorship One-to-One with Giulio di Sturco
- (2020) Photographic Storytelling with Alec Soth in collaboration with Magnum Photos

- (2018) Videomaking at CFP Bauer
- (2018) Master Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at University of Milano-Bicocca
- (2016) Analogical and Digital Photography at CFP Bauer
- (2015) Degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation at University of Florence

(Phone)  0039 3481433734  |  (Email)  |  (Web)

(Instagram) simone_filpa

Simone Filpa Photography

Simone Filpa | Anthropologist and Photographer
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